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Our members tell us one of the most valuable benefits of belonging to AFE is the ability to network with
others in the profession. Becoming involved in AFE pays off when you need it most. As a member of AFE, you'll
be able to solve problems and find answers to technical problems through a number of networking avenues.


Join a local chapter and network with other professionals in the facilities industry. Local chapters provide
programming to specifically meet the local facility's community needs. Plant tours are frequently scheduled to
view for yourself what others in your community are implementing as best practices. Speakers bring a local
perspective to topics of interest in your area.

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Computer Office Work


Looking for a job? Looking for an employee? Here's the marketplace for facilities experts to find employment
opportunities. Click here to post your personal career profile or open position.


Have some expertise you can share with others? Become a speaker locally or nationally. Work with us to
develop a learning experience for others in the facilities industry. Get Published in the Facilities Engineering Journal!



“The CPMM enhanced my professional reputation at work and now the facilities organization at our other sites began calling with questions. Along with the certification, AFE Membership itself helped get me through a government audit."


“The knowledge I acquired while attending the CPMM class has helped increase my ratio of PM to non-PM work orders. We are becoming more reliability based Maintenance Department."