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ICYMI- BEEF Message from VP

Good Evening,

As I continue to reflect, I can't help but smile as we revel in the conclusion of one of the premier events in Facility Engineering history.

At AFENorcal we have a great sense of gratitude for our sponsors who have shown tremendous support. This support is key in our reinvigorated goal to serve the greater facilities engineering industry. We want to highlight our Championship Sponsors who; without none of this, would be possible.

  • Urban Waterproofing: Evan Shen and Nathan Sills

  • Rossi Builders: Carol Leytem and Lisa Clark

  • Bay City Mechanical: Carlos Lopez and Annabella Booth

  • Industrial Plumbing Solutions: Tom Dorsi

  • ABM Engineering:

As I am stepping into the VP role, I am so excited to take us into the upcoming new year. We have several events planned and will always remember those who were with us in these early days. More to come, and many thanks

Jack Sesto Engineering Manager

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